Why Novaluz?

Smart Electricity Supply Solutions for Smart SMEs - Giving Spanish SMEs access to smart energy products that were previously only available to larger corporates.

Committed to transforming the electricity market, Novaluz offers the Spanish SME market a highly competitive service thanks to its proven track record and strong financial backing  .

Value-add energy for your firm

Novaluz has revolutionised the relationship between energy providers and clients – guaranteeing against soaring prices and unannounced hikes and offering easy-to-understand invoices, optimal energy efficiency and dedicated customer care.

Thanks to our many successes across Northern Europe, at Novaluz we know what works and what doesn’t and exactly how to provide value-add for SMEs.

Make savings, optimise your tariff
and get a welcome surprise in
your invoice!

With Novaluz, you’ll notice when the price of energy fluctuates, but only when it falls!

We offer you a guaranteed price cap when energy prices rise, ensuring your company’s electricity bill stays below a certain limit. However, when the cost of electricity falls, so will your invoice. Say goodbye to the days of unwelcome surprises in your invoices!

Free tariff and Capacity optimisation service

Simply being a Novaluz customer also enables you to save up to 30% on your energy invoice, thanks to our Tariff Optimiser specially designed for SMEs.

Thanks to this service, you will only pay for the electricity that you actually need, because maximum efficiency means maximum savings.

Say goodbye to unexpected price hikes

At long last, fluctuations in energy prices will no longer affect your bottom line.

Because with Novaluz, you will always know your maximum price per Kilowatt in advance. You can count on us.

The wait is finally over, take control of your energy consumption and accurately forecast your spending.

Go 100% green

Novaluz is the perfect partner for those enterprises which share our commitment with the planet’s future. The electricity we put at your reach is certified by the CNMC as 100% green and coming from exclusively from renewable sources. We like to be so ecological. Join our challenge of consuming green electricity and receive for your company a certificate of exclusive use of 100% sustainable and renewable electricity.

A no-nonsense easy-to-read invoice

At Novaluz, we are committed to being open and transparent with our customers. That means that there is finally an energy provider that makes each and every part of your invoice easy to understand.

As by knowing exactly what you’re paying for and why, you can take control of your energy consumption and focus on your business. At Novaluz we keep things simple.