Smart Energy Solutions for Smart SMEs

Price-capped tariffs for SMEs

Pay less when the cost of electricity falls and protect yourself against higher energy costs!
Shedding light on your energy matters — transforming how you look at electricity. Ensuring you get a fair price – paying less when the cost of electricity falls and not paying any more when it rises – with 100% renewable energy and no-nonsense bil!

Welcome to Novaluz.

Get a welcome surprise
in your invoice!

With Novaluz, you’ll notice a change in the price of your energy invoice, but only when it falls! Now, that’s what we call saving money.

Start saving with Novaluz

Say goodbye to spikes in your energy invoice

With Novaluz,you’ll always know your maximum price per Kilowatt in advance. You can count on us.

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100% green energy

Novaluz is the energy provider for companies who care about the future of our planet. Are you ready?

Join the green energy revolution

Your invoice at a glance

At Novaluz we pride ourselves in shedding light on what once seemed a confusing world. That’s why we offer no-nonsense invoices that are easy to understand.

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Tailored energy solutions for SMEs

At Novaluz, you’ll find a solution that suits you and your company’s needs. It’s as simple as that.

About us

The Novaluz team has been successfully serving the SME electricity market across northern Europe for decades. Building up a client-base of more than 100,000 clients since the 90s, we have the capacity and expertise to offer the Spanish SME market a highly competitive and user-friendly service that you can rely on.

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